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BICON Laboratories, equipment as well as staff, can respond adequately to almost all your EMC-requirements in standard or customer specific conditions. We can conduct tests in all stages of a development process, from simple component tests, conformity of production tests to complete compliance programs. As time-to-market is of major importance, we can advice and support our customers in an early stage of the development process. A positive side effect of this involvement is to prevent unnecessary delays at the testing phase before the final release of the product. This is vital for the majority of our customers.

Testing facilities

The laboratories cover over 12.000 square foot of measurement setups consisting of several stand-alone laboratory setups, an open area test site, a reverberation chamber and multiple semi and full anechoic lined chambers of different sizes, the largest of which can fit a passenger car or small truck. These are fully accommodated with the latest measurement equipment and installations. Conducted and radiated EMC measurements can be performed covering the frequency range up to 40 GHz. Susceptibility testing can be performed up to 40 GHz with fieldstrengths of 200 V/m, especially for automotive and military standards.


BICON Laboratories provides testing facilities, expertise and consultancy to its customers in their goal to comply with EMC requirements at first, to locate problems and to solve them when they occur. In the latter, a major surplus value is recognised. Despite of a multitude of years of gained experience, we still acquire skills and adapt new technologies to help our customers in increasing their product quality without altering the time-to-market negatively.

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BICON Laboratories

BICON Laboratories is an organization which was founded early 1995 by two electrical engineers: Frank Engelen & Frank de Kleuver. The organization started off as EMC-troubleshooters for the industrial market. After this period the organisation started CE-marking all products for ACAL Nederland BV as an internal service. Because of large investments BICON started to perform measurements for third parties too. BICON became a member of the ACAL group, with offices in Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Norway, Sweden, UK and USA.

Nowadays, BICON Laboratories is an independent accredited organisation In the centre of the Benelux (Europe), known as an established electro-physics laboratory for conducting full compliant EMC-measurements in accordance with the latest directives and standards.

    The state-of-the-art facilities are:
  • Accredited by the Dutch Accreditation Council (RvA) for IEC/ISO 17025:2005, with registration number L353;
  • Accredited by the RDW Approval Authority Certification Unit, with registration number RDW-99050036;
  • Accredited by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) of the United States of America, with registration number 191177;
  • Designated as Conformity Assessment Body by The Minister of Economic affairs, Radiocommunications Agency Netherlands, with registration number NL0006.

Further facilities and services

In addition to performing measurements for CE-marking (primarily for industrial control, information technology, lighting (LED), laboratory and medical equipment), the automotive sector (e/E-marking) forms a substantial part of our customer base. Furthermore, EMC-measurements are performed for high-end applications with specific requirements such as maritime, aerospace and military equipment.


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