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Troubleshooting | BICON Laboratories


In situ trouble shooting
Large systems and industrial plants often consist of multiple machines with very long interconnection cables. These systems are therefore perceptive to all kinds of (electromagnetic) disturbances.

Because it is impractical or even impossible to move these systems to controlled measurement laboratories, the measurements have to be performed on location (in situ).

BICON Laboratories originates in performing (EMC)troubleshoot-measurements on location and has therefore specialised equipment for this purpose. Several years of experience stand surety for fast and unambiguous solutions for your problems.

In house trouble shooting
Systems which can be moved to BICON Laboratories, can be measured in a controlled environment. This makes troubleshooting a lot easier, and less time consuming.

The well equiped laboratories create ideal situations for performing all kinds of troubleshoot measurements.

After pinpointing the problem, alterations and modifications can directly be implemented at the debug facility. Remeasurements will prove directly if the installed modifications have the desired efect.