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Debug facility | BICON Laboratories

Debug facility

Analysing to equipment under test
When performing EMC-measurements on differtent kinds of equipment, it is possible that the product doesn’t meet the standards. This means there is a problem at system level. To find out which part of the system is responsible for the specific problem, a debug facility is installed at BICON Laboratories. At this facility it is possible to analyse products at system or PCB level. For this purpose, the laboratory is equiped with oscilloscopes, spectrum analysers, measuring receivers, sniffer-probes, etc.

Implementing alterations to equipment under test
After pointing out the problem at the debug facility, it is possible to directly implement probable solutions to the product. It is possible to modify enclosures, with drilling machines, sanders and powerfiles. Also at PCB-level modifications can be made. For this purpose there are soldering and de-soldering machines, even for SMD components. Components for filtering (ferrite beads, T-filters, capacitors, etc.) are present in large numbers and of different brands. After implementing the modifications, compliance testing can be restarted directly and loss of time is restricted to a minimum

Machine Shop
In our Machine Shop modifications and small fabrications can be performed on the spot. It facilitates a Lathe, Milling machine, Welding equipment, General Cutting & bending, hydrolic carlift, etc.