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EMC management | BICON Laboratories

EMC management

It is important that in large projects one person, the project leader, controls the process from his helicopter view. It is his responsibility to deliver a product that complies with the functional specifications as well as national, international or even global standards. The different disciplines that are required to bring the project to a success need to be managed properly in order to prevent that the end result is a simple collection of subsystems without a proper intra system co-operation.

    Points of interest during the development process are:
  • functionality
  • cost
  • marketing
  • manufacturability
  • human interface etc.

Often the EMC behavior and safety of the complete system is forgotten or is being thought of at the end of the development process.

    The consequences are:
  • bad performance in the field
  • delay in time to market
  • increase in development costs

EMC-management all through the development of a new product will prevent these bottlenecks at the end of the cycle. During the development, an EMC manager is added to the project team. With this it is achieved that the EMC and safety performance is a part of every discussion about the system. This person is responsible for the end product with respect to EMC and safety.

    The main tasks are:
  • composing an EMC strategy
  • coaching the co-makers
  • performing the tests (quickscans on subsystems and full compliance tests on the complete system)
  • maintaining the TcF (Technical Construction File)