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EMC book

BICON Publishing releases the second edition of the well-known EMC reference book from our Mr Berend Danker 'Fundamentals of Electromagnetic Compatibility'

The increasing number of electric and electronic apparatus and systems leads to an unacceptable rise of electromagnetic interference; it results to electromagnetic incompatibility.

To achieve EMC between the various apparatus and systems requirements should be fixed on products:

  • Products should not generate too much noise;
  • Products should be sufficiently immune to noise.
This statement is the basis of the EMC directive: 2004/108/EC

This EMC book gives broad and in depth practical and theoretical information about EMC matters related to PCB level designs.

Subjects covered in this issue:

  • The parasitic behaviour of conductors;
  • Mandatory requirements;
  • Periodic and non-periodic signals;
  • Susceptible circuits;
  • Coupling paths;
  • EMC properties of components and PCB;
  • EMC for apparatus, systems and installations;
  • EMC verification and diagnosis
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