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Radiation Lab | BICON Laboratories

Radiation Lab

Open Area Testsite (OATS)
In the near vicinity of the BICON building an Open Area Testsite is installed for radiated emission testing. The reference/reflecting groundplane consists of a metal grid on which there can't be a build up of puddles of rainwather that could interfere with the measurements.

This OATS is used for research, reference and calibration purposes. Antenna calibration of broadband antennas (over a conductive groundplane) can be performed at a distance of 1, 3 and 10 meters by ansi 63.5. Also it is possible to measure the radiated emission of large test-equipment.All kinds of powersupply systems are available directly on the testsite.

Anechoic Chamber
In the state-of-the-art full & semi anechoic chambers all kinds of radiated measurements can be performed. A special doorsystem enables equipment with maximum dimensions of up to 4 by 4 meters to be entered into the testing area. A closed camera system will monitor all movement inside the chamber and will monitor the performance of the system under test visually. Because of a combination of tube- and transistor amplifiers with a wide variety of broadband antennas, high fieldstrength levels can be achieved in the whole testing area. By using the most accurate en sensitive measuring receivers from Rohde & Schwarz, very small radiationlevels can be measured.

Semi-anechoic Chamber 03:
Every item of this very large anechoic chamber is specially designed for AUTOMOTIVE applications, both apparatus and complete vehicles. The floor can withstand verhicles up to 40 tons! The largest door has a dimension of 4 by 4 meters.

This chambers also acts as a full sized 10 meter site for controlled emission measurements in accordance with standards like the EN55011, EN55022, MilStd and many more.

Anechoic Chamber 04:
This is our high production facility for all our certified radiated tests and measurments for equipment that will fit through a door with dimension of 1.88 x 0.85 meters. All kinds of secondairy facilties are thought of, eq air (pressured), water, automated video surveilance system, drawn current fingerprinting, etc. This facility is suited for both normal CE-application as for militairy and aerospace applications.

Anechoic Chamber 05:
This is a exact copy of the second chamber and is mainly used as a customers playground for radiated emission and susceptibility measurements. This facility is also used for military, automotive and aerospace setups.

Anechoic Chamber 06:
Under construction. This chambers is only suited for militairy, automotive and aerospace applications.

Reverberation Chamber:
An unique reverberation chamber for the Ultra high frequency band 18-40GHz to test equipment to high EM fields. The Chamber has been designed to accomodate the militairy and automotive wire harness setup. A special mesh has been used to allow eg camera systems to focus at target outside the mode-stirred chamber. By means of a simulated and special shaped stirring blade the field is elovated to a statistical stable and homogenous form.

200V/m Radiated Immunity systeem 1-18GHz
Information regarding this allready operational system will follow shortly.


Radiation Lab
Radiation Lab
Radiation Lab
Radiation Lab
Radiation Lab