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Consultancy | BICON Laboratories


Consultancy in our line of business comprises the services that we can offer to our customers in helping them improve the product that is under development or that is being redesigned.

The spectrum of our services can be divided into the different areas:

Legislation and standards
In most situations it is time consuming to find out which standards are applicable to your product. The interpretation of the standards is not always easy. This is where we can be consulted. Our engineers have a broad knowledge about the standards and they keep track of all the changes in these. Interpretations can be checked with a vast network of EMC and safety engineers, in house as well as externally.

Technical Construction File
Another service we offer is setting up the TCF. Compiling the TCF for the first time can be a time consuming process. BICON Laboratories has more than once played the role of main conductor, while the different players in the project team delivered the correct inputs for the file.

Product development
In any phase during the development process of new products, EMC and safety issues are of mayor importance. The best moment to ask for our service is just after the product definition phase. EMC and safety requirements are best incorporated in the design specification. This reduces redesign costs and improves the time to market of the new product.

Site survey
When there are EMC issues on site with specific installations or systems working in each other’s near vicinity, it is possible to perform site surveys. Sources and coupling methods will be reported and visualised.